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About Us

In Properties for Investors is a true ‘one-stop-shop’ for anyone considering investing in property. Whether you’re new to investing, have had previous bad experiences or simply need some expert guidance to point you in the right direction, make In Properties for Investors your first call.

In Properties for Investors is a specialised business and we care deeply about our client experience. We make the effort to get to know you personally, and offer solutions which meet your needs and goals.

Why Choose In Properties For Investors For Expert Knowledge And Support?

We offer a complete service, from providing information and education, to liaising with builders, solicitors, finance managers and ultimately, property managers. Our clients see In Properties for Investors as an easy and hassle-free solution.

Making the right decision the first time can save thousands of dollars, not to mention valuable time and stress! Here are 3 reasons why our happy clients choose to work with us again and again…

  • Guidance on properties: We only offer properties that fulfil our specific criteria for investment. Our properties are in well sought after locations, offering high occupancy rates and reliable returns.
  • Financial information: Our experienced and qualified consultants can give you all the details you need about what the property will cost you, and your projected returns. If you need finance, we can make sure your loans are structured correctly by putting you in touch with our in house broking team as part of our seamless service.
  • One point of call: We’ll liaise with builders, real-estate agents, solicitors and property managers on your behalf, making the whole process stress-free for you. Your Central Point Coordinator will be on hand to provide updates, information and to answer any questions.

Why Invest In Property?
Research shows that the majority of Australians have not put adequate plans in place to secure their financial future for their retirement.

If you want to live comfortably and maintain your current standard of living after you retire, you need to take steps now to achieve that.

Investing in property will help you to build your own personal wealth, and generate an income to supplement your pension or super. By choosing to invest now, you’re creating new options and financial freedom for your future.

Our clients are many and varied, and they often return to us to organise their second investment and beyond. If you have a combined income of $80,000 per annum and you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of investing in property, In Properties for Investors can help.





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