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What Our Clients Want to Achieve

Research shows us that the majority of Australians will not have the retirement they are visualising. Many of us would like to continue on in retirement with the lifestyle we now have, but are not prepared for the harsh reality of our superannuation draining away quickly and the aged pension not providing enough funds for that lifestyle.

Many people have not asked themselves the tough questions.

  • How much money will I need annually to keep myself/and spouse in the manner in which we want to live in retirement?
  • How long will my superannuation last if I use it to top up my income?
  • Will I need to replace my car on retirement?
  • Will I want to travel? What expense will that entail?
  • Will I want to give the kids a financial helping hand?
  • Have I allowed for upgrading white goods or household repairs such as a new roof or rewiring

If you look at your annual income needed and compare it to what you would get on the Aged Pension (approx $33,982) per couple annually, you may find there is a significant difference between the two. Investing in property can help fill the gap that many Australians may need in retirement.

Holding additional investments to your super, gives you control and security over your future. You have access to any income generated and are able to take advantage of any tax advantages along the way.

It is our hope that In Properties For Investors will play a significant part in providing a more independent and better quality lifestyle to our clients.

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