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Don’t Let Fear Of The Unknown Stop You

Just because you don't know where to start with property investing, that shouldn't mean that you don't start. In Properties for Investors started out as a go-to for people who were interested in investing in [...]

Before You Invest….

There are a few things you can do before you begin your investment journey,  to make the process easier for yourself later on. Get your finances in order, and make sure your personal debt is [...]

Don’t Let Horror Stories Stop You From Investing!

Everyone knows someone who has a horror story about investing in property. This should help you, not put you off trying it yourself. Thanks to those horror stories, you can learn from the mistakes of [...]

What Stops People From Investing?

Thousands of people invest in property every year and achieve great results, but there are an equal number of people who think about investing but never go through with it. What stops them? Fear. The [...]

Purchasing Your Second Investment Property

If you've got an investment property, and are thinking you might want to look at purchasing a second one, we are here to help you prepare for that next step. There are a few things [...]

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