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Owner Occupied

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Many people would like to build their own home but find the idea overwhelming. The cost, and the finality can be major hurdles.

  • What if I  go over budget?
  • What if I don’t make the right decisions and I’m stuck with something I don’t like for the next twenty years?
  • What if there is poor workmanship, I’m not a builder, how will I know?

These are all valid concerns but are not reasons to stop following your dreams.

The properties we offer to our clients are fully completed with no hidden cost or surprises. The only difference in cost will be if you want to change something after you sign the contract. If this happens, you will be asked to sign a variation form, so you will be very aware of the change in cost, eg: you may want to add a gas point to your outdoor area or put TV points in extra  rooms, a decision that was made after the contract was signed.

Our staff understand what a huge undertaking it is to build a home and will offer suggestions on how they think a plan can be changed to suit you better. They can consult with you  in regards to which way your home will face, the effect of cutting into the block is going to have, advantages of different types of upgrades and many other things you may want to consider.

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