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“I Couldn’t Have Asked For More”

“I want to say a great big thank you for all of your assistance in the purchase of our Warner property. Yes, I know you keep telling me that it’s your job, but I have really appreciated your efforts on my behalf. You have answered all of my questions, organised multiple inspections, helped arrange finance and insurance, and provided recommendations, just to name a few. On top of that you’ve always kept me up-to-date with what’s happening and you’ve always been prompt in communication with me. I couldn’t have asked for more. So, thank you.”

Kellie R

“We Just Provide the Signatures”

“We were concerned that our current superannuation scheme/entitlements may not satisfactorily fund a retirement lifestyle that we are hoping to achieve. Investing in the share market was a little daunting for us and it made sense to invest in property.
In Properties was recommended to us by a work colleague, so we made an appointment to meet Janine and it went from there. She explained to us in simple terms the ease and benefits of investing in property. The complicated things were broken down so we could easily understand, so the overwhelming feelings of venturing into the property market on our own vanished.
We have two investment properties that In Properties connected us with and a potential third property we may acquire very soon, After our first property, Janine and the staff knew what other locations we would be interested in if more opportunities became available, which has given us our second and potentially third property.
We would recommend In Properties’ services and have in fact done so, with the recommendation resulting in a recent purchase. For us it is the hassle free journey of acquiring property, which only happens because of all the research, background work and seamless process of dealing with In Properties. It’s not just finding the right properties for their clients, it’s also the sometimes complicated and confusing formulas associated with new mortgage loans and finding the best deal with the banks. We don’t have time, knowledge or the inclination to do this. In Properties put us in touch with In Financial Services who does this and more, we just provide the signatures!”

-Rodney S & Penny A

“No Dramas”

“I wanted to make sure I had enough money to retire comfortably with and knew I needed to invest to achieve this. I had used In Financial Services previously, so knew that the people I was dealing with knew what they were doing. I am happy to recommend In Properties for Investors to friends and family as they are just easy to deal with. No dramas.”

-Liam B

“Greater Financial Stability”

“We were ready to begin investing for our future and with the help and recommendations of our Financial Advisor (Dan Walsh), we selected property investment as the best strategy for us.
Now that we have started our investment portfolio, hopefully this will give us greater financial stability and freedom in the future.
I would recommend In Properties to people looking to build multiple investment properties over a wide geographical area.”

-Llewellyn and Kellie R

“A Lifestyle That I Can Enjoy”

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks to Janine and the team at In Properties for Investors.
I originally went to see Janine about a loan. During the initial meeting, I mentioned to her my idea of subdividing my property and asked what she knew about the process. Janine was very helpful and told me what I needed to do through each part of the process.
My property was subdivided and one house erected. I then sold two of the blocks of land individually and paid down my debt.
My retirement plan has been made possible by this investment strategy. It has given me the freedom of choosing whether I continue to work or not and gave me a lifestyle that I can enjoy as well as the security of owning my own home. I could not be happier!”

-Patricia W

“Nothing Was Ever Too Difficult”

“From the moment we met [Janine and the team] we knew that we were in good hands. The professionalism and communication provided by you and your team meant that the whole investment and building process was a pleasure.From our initial enquiries to final handover, nothing was ever too difficult for your team. Understanding the process was made easy due to In Properties and In Financial Services commitment to customer satisfaction. The inclusive approach adopted meant that everyone was working towards the best result possible for us the client. It’s often said that we are judged by the people with whom we associate – to this end all of your staff are all first class in the work they produce and the helpful suggestions they make. A true endorsement of your business.

Anyone considering investing in property should use In Properties from the start. There was always an emphasis on quality and as a result we now own our first investment property and have tenants moving in immediately. We have no reservations in recommending In Properties and InFinancial Maitland.”

– Kylie and Scott F 

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“Impressed with the Breadth of Knowledge”

“Leigh and I had spoken many many times about the need to use the capital we had in our home to maximise our savings for our future / retirement. We had looked at properties and locations at various times and never had the confidence to jump in. There was always so many variables and factors we didn’t understand – from locating a property in the right rental market to how we went about enjoying the tax savings and negative gearing potential of the property. Invariably a property would be located on-line, some statement made about how it could be the right property for us, but ultimately the fear of the unknown kicked in and the whole process ground to a halt!
Fortunately for my wife and I, some close friends spoke of their positive encounters with In Properties for Investors and how smooth the process of buying an investment property with IPFI was. They also spoke of the positive returns they had achieved. The trust they had with IPFI was clear and this gave us the confidence to move forward.
The knowledge that we are now maximising the the benefits of the capital we have in our family home is very very satisfying and knowing that we are taking positive steps to ensure our future financial security is a wonderful feeling.
The final test to my mind in assessing how satisfied you are with a product is what you tell others about it. As I mentioned, close friends put Leigh and I onto IPFI, and I have subsequently told many other close friends of our positive experience. When you recommend a product or service for no benefit other than the knowledge you have helped a friend by doing so you know you’ve been on a winner. Throughout the process I was continually impressed with the breadth of knowledge of the IPFI team and their understanding of the important aspects of each step in the process. I recently contacted my accountant to start the ball rolling on the claims process. He started with a list of requests and it was very pleasing to reply each time “I have that already!”.
I can say the professionalism and expertise of the IPFI team is without doubt exceptional. Obviously this expertise has been developed over many years of taking customers successfully through the treacherous property investment process. What is also pleasing to say is that everyone of the team was a joy to deal with – quite simply they are very decent (and fortunately for me patient) people who clearly enjoy their work and like dealing with customers. My sincere thanks goes to the entire team for starting Leigh and I on our property investment journey – we can’t wait to see what property they come up with for us next!”

-Roger B